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Andre Drummond injury: Rookie has stress fracture

This is not the news Pistons fans were hoping for.


After Andre Drummond got his back examined by doctors it has been determined that he is going to be out at least a couple of weeks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

This is the tweet I was hoping that I would not see:


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Drummond's sore back limited to just 11 minutes in his previous two games. It is unknown how much of this timetable is based on the injury's severity and how much of it is just a team out of the playoff picture playing it cautious with a player who could develop into a star.

Drummond had already been officially ruled out of tonight's game against the Spurs and Saturday's game against the Bucks. No official statement has been released from the team but Woj is rarely wrong about these kind of things.

UPDATE: The team says it is a stress fracture of the fifth lumbar vertebra. No surgery required and once it is healed it shouldn't be an issue going forward.

This also should completely shut the door on any talks of playoffs. Maybe it will spur the team to perhaps deal a few veterans before the deadline. But that's just me desperate for some sort of silver lining. God, I'm depressed.

I'm not sure which stage of grief I am currently at but I am grieving right now. Remind me, again, what is fun about watching the Pistons without Drummond? I don't remember ...