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VIDEO: Brandon Knight on Pistons' win vs. Spurs, adjusting to shooting guard and Andre Drummond's injury

Video of Brandon Knight speaking to the media after the Pistons' 119-109 win against the Spurs comes via Dave Pemberton over at The Oakland Press:

If for some reason you can't watch/listen, Knight stressed the importance of the team's defense in starting the offense, even though they gave up 109 points. When asked about his new role at shooting guard, Knight says he's still adjusting to the position and Jose Calderon's style of play (as well as noting that Calderon is adjusting to Knight's). Knight also talks about how the Pistons are going to miss Andre Drummond, who as you know, will miss about 4-6 weeks due to a stress fracture in his lower back.

Knight had 24 points on 10-for-21 shooting with five rebounds and two assists (one turnover).