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VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan's dunk on Brandon Knight

Stank face.

Update: Adding injury to insult, Brandon Knight suffers a "severe" ankle sprain Monday.


This will surely be the No. 1 play on SportsCenter.

Everything about it is NBA highlight GOLD.

The lob in lob city.

DeAndre Jordan dunking the lob he really had no business dunking.

The throw down over an overeager little leaguer Brandon Knight.

The push by Chris Paul.

Jordan's strut into the crowd.

The stank face by Paul.

Knight's lifeless body being peeled off the floor by his teammates.

The children laughing.

The stank face by Jordan (my reaction exactly):


Blake Griffin being restrained by Vinny Del Negro.

The replays!

Oh, man... the replays!

And, oh yeah, they called a foul on Knight and Jordan made the free throw. No justice on that court.


UPDATE: Pistons lose, 129-97.