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Brandon Knight responds on Twitter after being postered by DeAndre Jordan

Poor Brandon Knight. The casual NBA fan may only ever know him for getting crossed up and slipping against Kyrie Irving during All-Star weekend 2013 and then less than a month later being a child prop in a live dunk contest for DeAndre Jordan. He was trending on Twitter worldwide after the play for all the wrong reasons.

But some credit has to go to Knight.

In a game in which nobody else on the Pistons seemed to care to defend the Clippers in an embarrassing loss, Knight had the gull to try to contest the bigger, stronger center on a lob. After getting picked up off the floor by his teammates, while the entire Staples Center was still buzzing, Knight immediately drew a foul on the other end of the court and sank both free throws. Following the game he ducked the media, but did Tweet the following:

Good start to bouncing back from this. While some media members never understood the big deal in the first place, Knight's response has not gone unnoticed with others, as his initial tweet has been retweeted almost 20,000 times thus far.