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Lawrence Frank not expected back on 4-game road trip

Brian Hill will remain as interim head coach for the Pistons' four-game road trip while Frank is out tending to family matter.


Pistons head coach Lawrence Frank missed his third straight game on Sunday night to be in New Jersey with his wife, who has an undisclosed illness. According to MLIVE, Frank is not expected to return to the team on their current four-game west coast trip.

Brian Hill will continue to be the team's interim head coach while Frank tends to the more important matter:

"We talk every day, a couple times a day," Hill said. "It's his team, so obviously we talk about the team and personnel and what we can do, game-plan-wise, with each of the games. But he's pretty much just letting me run it the way I want to run it, which is basically the same way he runs it.

"I'm sure it's very difficult for him. I know if it was me, it would be extremely hard to be away from your team during the regular season. But family takes priority."

Yep. It's just basketball.

Again, I think I speak for everyone at DBB when I say that thoughts are with Frank and his wife, and hope is for the best possible news upon his return.