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Andre Drummond injury update: Pistons rookie to resume basketball activities

Still no timeline on Drummond's return, but he's apparently making good progress.


The Pistons released the following update this afternoon on Andre Drummond's recovery from a stress fracture in his back:

"Team doctors, in consultation with Dr. Robert Watkins and Dr. Robert Watkins Jr. of Los Angeles, are pleased with the progress of Andre Drummond's recovery from a back injury. Under their guidance, Drummond will enter a second phase of rehabilitation and conditioning that will include a progression of basketball related activities. No timetable has been placed on Drummond's return to game action at this time. He will continue to be evaluated throughout the rehabilitation and conditioning process and further updates will be passed along at an appropriate time."

The lack of timeline is disappointing but not surprising -- why set expectations and risk disappointment if the team brings him back slowly? I've always expected Drummond to return on the long end of his estimated 4-6 week absence, considering how cautious Detroit's coaching staff treated him when he was healthy.