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Brandon Knight injury: Guard has 'significant' sprain, according to report

Brandon Knight had to exit the Pistons' game against the Utah Jazz on Monday night after only three and a half minutes due to an ankle injury. While X-rays were negative, reports are that he has a "significant" sprain.

Ronald Martinez

Yeah, not a very good 24 hours for Brandon Knight.

On the heels of "RIP Brandon Knight" trending on Twitter and Knight's Wikipedia entry being vandalized, Google is officially getting into the act -- check out the first result when you start searching for his name:


After getting posterized and being the butt of all kinds of recycled jokes on Sunday night and earlier Monday, the second-year guard survived only three and a half minutes of Monday's game against the Utah Jazz before suffering an actual, physical injury.

On a fast-break attempt in the first quarter, Knight's left ankle buckled underneath him as he was fouled by Randy Foye. Knight went down immediately and was in obvious pain. At first it appeared that Knight may have stepped on Foye's foot as he prepared to jump, but a closer look at the replay (there's a good angle at the 26-second mark below) suggests he simply stepped awkward trying to avoid getting tripped up.

Knight could not put any pressure on his left leg and had to be helped to the locker room. He would not return -- and could not return even if Arnie Kander had put on some miracle tape; Knight was unable to shoot his free throws, making him immediately ineligible. (Viacheslav Kravtsov shot them and missed both.)

Unfortunately, Knight may be sidelined for some time:

Woj is already the gold standard in terms of reliability among NBA reporters, and given all the good will he just built up by rushing to Knight's defense earlier Monday, you have to figure his league source is close to the situation. Officially, Keith Langlois tweeted that Knight is on crutches and no timetable has been given to him.

Update: Interim coach Brian Hill after the game, via Vinnie Goodwill of the Detroit News:

"The only thing I know is it's not broken," acting coach Brian Hill said. "It appears to be a very severe sprain."

Ed. note: Matt Watson contributed to this report. Hi you guys!