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Pistons final score: Detroit drops seventh in a row in Golden State

The Pistons have now lost 10 of their last 11 and seven straight after falling 105-97 to the Golden State Warriors.

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This was a strange game, if for no other reason than it tipped at 10:30 p.m. ET and ended around 1 a.m. ET. It's possible I was sleeping throughout the game, so I don't know for sure, but I'm fairly certain I witnessed the Pistons playing a pretty hard-fought game against a playoff-bound team. It never felt like the Pistons were truly in it, but they were ... um, in it.

The Pistons trailed by 10 less than four minutes into the game -- Greg Monroe was oh-for-every-shot-he-had-taken -- and it felt like it was going to be another ugly rout. The Warriors had their biggest lead of the game in the first quarter (12), but I'll be dipped in Detroit-styled dog dung, the Pistons managed to make it respectable, thanks mostly to Rodney Stuckey (team-high 22 points) and Will Bynum (16 points).

Stephen Curry and the rest of the Warriors were too much for the Pistons' severely lacking defense, though. Curry was of the wet variety with a game-high 31 points on 11 for 17 shooting (5 for 7 from three) and the Warriors shot 57-percent as a team. David Lee had 20 points and Jarret Jack (off glass) added 19. Curry, Lee, and Jack shot a combined 27 for 41 (66-percent). Okayyyy. Trios shoot like that all night and you're gonna have your hands full.

The deficit was only six with about two minutes left in the game, when Curry craftily split the D with a quick behind the back cross, slipping into the lane and hitting a silky-smooth floater to give himself 29 points and the Warriors enough cushion to force the Pistons to ultimately foul futilely.

As the above blurb indicates, the loss was the Pistons' seventh in a row and 10th in their last 11 games. It's no coincidence that six of the last seven opponents have scored over 100.

Combat vehicles and stuff.


• Greg Monroe started the game 0 for 8 with four of those misses being blocked. He finished 4 for 16.

• Boo has your tank report.

• I really have nothing else to say - I'm going to bed.

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