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Pistons final score: Detroit ended its 10-game losing streak!

The Pistons ended their 10-game losing streak by winning a game in Charlotte over the weekend, 92-91.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This recap is beyond late, but I wanted to post about the Pistons ending their 10-game losing streak over the weekend. In addition to the Pistons finally winning a game -- their first win since February 27 -- Charlie Villanueva scored 15 of his team-high 18 points in the fourth quarter and sealed the win with a game-winning layup with 15 seconds remaining and good defense and a defensive rebound on the final possession. Also, pigs are driving convertibles.

"It felt really good," Villanueva said. "Ending the losing streak, kind of got that monkey off our back. You could see how excited everybody was just to get that win and the way we did it."

The way they did it was by playing good basketball. Imagine that. The team had 31 assists, shot effectively from distance (39%), and didn't turn the ball over a whole lot (outside of Knight and Stuckey).

Greg Monroe had a bad game shooting (2 for 11), but made up for it in other aspects of the game, including two huge assists on Villanueva's final two baskets, the second coming after an offensive rebound.

"He was the first one in my sights, for sure," Monroe said. "I just wanted to make sure it got to somebody, in somebody's hands, without another turnover." [...]

"I saw a lane open and Greg found me with two terrific passes," Villanueva said. "I just made the basket. Greg was the one that found me."

Credit where credit's due; passes to open teammates, not the other team - that's the spirit!

In a game in which it could've been easy to pack it up and quit -- in the middle of March Madness tanking season and on the back-end of a back-to-back after playing the NBA's best team the night before -- the Pistons managed to claw out a nice win. Props.


* Quotes above via MLIVE recap

* It was Brandon Knight's first game back after missing four games due to an ankle injury. He was 4 for 10 shooting, had six rebounds, four assists and five turnovers.

* Will Bynum hurt his wrist in the first half. He remained in the game, but did not play the second half. X-rays were negative.

* Pistons back home on Tuesday against the Minnesota Timberwolves. It could be a special one ... (winky face)

* Box Score

* Roll Call
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