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Pistons final score: Knicks do what they do against depleted Detroit, 87-77

Without Lawrence Frank, Greg Monroe, and Charlie Villanueva, the Pistons lost to the Carmelo-less New York Knicks on Wednesday night, 87-77.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

No Lawrence Frank (personal matter), Greg Monroe (sprained ankle), Charlie Villanueva (hammy) and Andre Drummond (13th missed game with broken back), no change really.

The Pistons still turned the ball over a lot, were outrebounded, and wound up losing by double digits to the New York Knicks. NO CHANGE THERE! (Luckily, it's the last time they'll have to face the Knicks this season because they have now lost to them four times this season by an average of 15 points.)

Aside from an eight minute stretch to start the third quarter, the Pistons were grossly out matched despite their best efforts. The third started with a quick 10-2 run behind seven Kyle Singler points and a pair of assists from both Jose Calderon and Jonas Jerebko. That run was built into a 24-6 one, which surprisingly gave the Pistons a 10-point lead. Calderon had seven assists in the quarter and Brandon Knight had 11 points.

Of course, the Knicks finished the final few minutes of the third on a 13-3 run to knot it up going into the fourth and then held the Pistons to 12 points in the decisive frame.

No matter the personnel, that's kind of how these games have gone.


* Jose Calderon had 16 assists. 3 turnovers. That was the point.

* Brandon Knight led the Pistons with an effort-y 17 points, but shot 6 for 17 and also led the team with five turnovers.

* Head coach for the night Brian Hill went with a bench of thre - Stuckey, Bynum and Kravtsov. Stuckey and Bynum were no shows, so he may as well have played six.

* Hill was pleased with the Pistons' overall effort [via Det News]:

"I told our guys after the game that I have nothing negative to say," Hill said. "I thought we played some difficult lineups out there tonight. I thought they gave us every ounce of energy that they could possibly give us."

* Greg Monroe sprained his ankle in Tuesday's practice and thus, missed his first game as a Piston due to injury (he was a DNP-CD for the first two games of his rookie season).

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