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Pistons winless streak vs. Bulls reaches 18

The Pistons played the playoff bound Bulls tough, but ultimately lost 95-94. The Pistons haven't beaten the Bulls since December 2008, but with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, one has to believe a win will come soon.


The Pistons-Bulls "rivalry" is in what Wikipedia calls "Another Dormant Period." After a very brief return after Ben Wallace decided to sign with the Bulls in the 2006 offseason, the Pistons haven't won a single game against the Bulls since December 2008. 18 GAMES. If the Pistons-Bulls rivalry were a volcano, geologists might disagree about its dormant state and instead consider classifying it extinct.*

Before the Pistons landed a rock-solid center in Andre Drummond anyway. He is the magma. Even though the Pistons ultimately lost again, their 13th in their last 14, Drummond's presence is a glimpse into the future eruption of the Pistons.

Okay, sorry - volcano analogy aside, the Pistons played the Bulls very well, and a lot of it had to do with Drummond. Detroit scored 57 points on 60-percent shooting in the first half, of which Drummond played more than half the time, and held the Bulls to 40-percent shooting in the game while outscoring them by 14 points in Drummond's paint.

The Bulls, still in the game because of their absurd 40 free throw attempts, "pulled away" from the Pistons in the final six minutes of the game after Drummond was subbed out. I highly doubt he gets subbed out in that situation in games when his minutes are not being monitored and wins are actually important.

Drummond finished the game playing a little over 22 minutes, grabbing 14 rebounds to go along with eight points and a block. Thanks to MFMP doing the busy work for me, I can also tell you that 14:25 of Drummond's time on the floor came with Greg Monroe. They were plus-13 together and only three Bulls baskets came in the paint during that time. Like I said following the last game after their hiccup together, this seems to be the norm for the pair.

The Pistons' future is brimming with potential.


* *I don't really know anything about volcanoes or what geologists might think about the Pistons-Bulls rivalry.

* While the Pistons appear to be in tank mode, Stuckey might be in classic late-season stat-padding mode. 25 points on 10 for 19 shooting.

* Gamblers, I hope you didn't have the Bulls teased at what should've been an easy cover at -1.5; the Pistons hit a meaningless garbage three as time expired to make it 95-94.

* "This isn't a one-player problem This isn't a one-coach problem. This is a team problem that we all have to share the responsibility. We all want to get this right. We'll find [the answers] whether they're here on our roster now or whether it's [someone else] in the future that will play at a whole lot more competitive level. We're capable of doing a whole lot more." -- Pistons coach Lawrence Frank

* Box Score

* Blog-A-Bull

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