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Jason Maxiell out for season after eye surgery

Jason Maxiell underwent successful eye surgery on Sunday to fix a detached retina, but he will miss the final eight games of the season and may very well have played his final game as a Piston.


In the middle of last week, Jason Maxiell started complaining to trainers that his vision was blurry in the top of one of his eyes. Maxiell was provided eye drops to help clear it up and the issue didn't prevent the forward from playing against the Raptors on Friday (although an ankle injury forced him out early).

Over the weekend, while Maxiell was nursing his ankle injury, he told trainers the eye drops weren't helping. After being sent to an eye specialist, Max was diagnosed with a detached retina, which would require surgery to fix.

Maxiell had successful surgery on Sunday and the Detroit Pistons announced on Monday that the baby eater will have to miss the season's final eight games as a result.

I have no idea how one's retina becomes detached, but my middle school basketball coach had this surgery and told us it was because he tried to sneeze with his eyes open. I don't think he was telling us the truth.

However it happened, it's not expected to be career threatening. But Maxiell, who has played with the Pistons for eight years after being drafted by the team in 2005, will be a free agent this summer and it's more than plausible that he will not be brought back. If that's the case, we have witnessed Maxiell in a Pistons uniform (live) for the last time.