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Jose Calderon started walking toward Raptors locker room at halftime

Was Calderon April Fools-ing us?

At the half, the players from each team all headed toward the locker rooms located under the same tunnel of Air Canada Centre. The cameras were naturally focused on Jose Calderon, who spent over seven seasons with the Raptors, as he high fived a couple Raptors fans wearing his old jersey and walked into the tunnel. Once underneath, Calderon veered left of the divider separating the path to each team's locker room. The problem? Left was the way to Toronto's locker room -- not Detroit's.

Calderon and some of the Pistons' staff realized it relatively quickly and all had a good laugh about it. When Calderon noticed the camera, he pointed and said something I don't think I understand. This is not surprising given it's what he grew accustomed to for seven-plus seasons and it's too bad he didn't make it all the way into the Raptors locker room for a truly awkward-funny moment, but this was still pretty good.

As Keith Langlois pointed out after the game, those were Calderon's only missteps all night. He was phenomenal in leading the Pistons to a 10-point victory, scoring 19 points on 8 for 12 shooting to go along with nine assists opposite just one turnover.