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Pistons final score: Andre Drummond's career game leads to win in Cleveland

Andre Drummond set career highs Wednesday night in points (29), free throws made (9), free throws attempted (17), and minutes played in a non-overtime game (33+). He also had 11 rebounds in the Pistons 111-104 win against Cleveland.


The Cleveland Cavaliers implemented the Hack-Andre strategy and it didn't really pay off, as the Pistons won 111-104, extending their winning streak against the Cavs to six games.

Andre Drummond hit nine of his 17 free throw attempts, both career highs, padding a career high 29 points on 10 of 11 shooting from the field.

The mindset of fouling Drummond intentionally for so long especially burned the Cavs when Tristan Thompson didn't realize how much time was on the clock and fouled Drummond off the ball inside of two minutes, which gave the Pistons two shots and the ball back. Derp.

"They were like, 'You might as well stand at the free-throw line because I'm going to grab you.' So I just walked to the free-throw line and stood there," Drummond said.

"The more and more that they foul me, the more and more I get confident."

The more and more Drummond plays, which was 33 minutes on Wednesday night, also a career high for a game that didn't go into overtime, the more and more confident fans should be in the Pistons. And guess what? The DrumMonroe tandem works.

Drummond and Greg Monroe combined for 52 points on 20 for 29 laser-sharp shooting and grabbed 19 rebounds combined. In roughly 25 minutes on the floor together, the Pistons outscored the Cavaliers 68-50. Plus-18.

The Pistons also benefited from strong play by guards Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum. The combo shot 12 for 18, and Stuckey had seven assists opposite one turnover while starting in place of the injured Jose Calderon.

Speaking of turnovers, the Pistons only had five of them. The last time they had that few number of turnovers was November 2010.

If the Pistons were going to win and lose out on some lottery odds, this was the most satisfying way - play clean, turnover free basketball and beat the Cavs again behind a career game from the rookie Drummond. I'm happy with it.


* Despite the career game, Drummond did not bring the blocks. That's now zero blocks in four out of his last five games! We're going to look back on this blockless stretch and consider it a tremendous rarity.

* Also rare: Greg Monroe without a turnover. But not in April! That's the second game this month Monroe has not had a turnover in a game. In fact, all four of his games without a turnover this season have come in 2013. He had eight games without a turnover last year, seven of which came after the New Year. It's not surprising he's more careful with the ball as the season progresses and he gets more comfortable.

* Kyrie Irving got the best of Brandon Knight. Irving was awesome with 27 points and nine assists (five turnovers) while Knight was 2 for 11 shooting with two assists and one turnover.

* Three games left. Next one is Friday vs. Charlotte.

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