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Pistons 113-93 win marred by Andre Drummond ankle injury

The Pistons played a beautiful, meaningless game, but their 113-93 win on Friday night against the hapless Bobcats was spoiled by Andre Drummond rolling his ankle in the fourth quarter.


The Pistons hit 67-percent of their three pointers (12 of 18), had 31 assists on 43 baskets and didn't look anything like a team that's probably going to fall short of 30 wins this season.

Of course, they were playing the Bobcats.

As Greg Kelser said during the game while the Pistons were doing everything right, "Conversely, that [the way the Bobcats play basketball] is not how you get it done."

Extra insult to meaningless win was Andre Drummond injuring his ankle about midway through the fourth quarter. The injury happened when Drummond went up for a rebound and came down wrong on his right foot, rolling his ankle.

The big man immediately dropped to the floor, clutching his right foot in obvious pain as Arnie Kander came sprinting to his aid. Drummond was tended to on the bench for the remainder of the game, in discomfort, but tried to walk off the court under his own power after the final horn. Unfortunately, he only made it a few steps before keeling over in pain. Drummond was then helped to the locker room by Kander and Greg Monroe.

Once the injury happened, perspective on what was important settled in pretty fast. Sure, it was nice seeing Jonas Jerebko lead the team with 21 points, thanks to a 17-point second quarter; Will Bynum get a double double with 15 points and 10 assists; and Brandon Knight score 19 points on nine shots while grabbing seven rebounds. But Drummond is the future and the status of his ankle is this game's only meaningful takeaway. That, and I'm really liking Khris Middleton.


* Drummond finished with 15 points and nine rebounds.

* Middleton is shooting 59% in his last six games in roughly 26 minutes per. I've been very impressed.

* Box Score

* Rufus on Fire

* Roll Call

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