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PistonPowered Roundtable: was this season a success or a failure?

At the close of each season, the good people at PistonPowered run a media roundtable with members of the Pistons blogosphere. First up, Dan Feldman asks: "Was this season a success of failure for the Pistons?"

Our red, white and royal blue pals at PistonPowered have begun their annual roundtable in review of the closing season. This time around, the crew at PistonPowered was joined by Natalie Sitto from Need4Sheed, Drew Sharp from the Free Press, the guys from Life on Dumars and Phil Fattore of Pistons 101. I joined the crew to rep DBB this year, and I imagine other DBBers will rotate through more roundtables as the summer begins.

To start, Dan Feldman asks: "Was this season a success of failure for the Pistons?"

Mike Payne: In a vacuum, this season was a failure by record alone. Yet unlike the last few seasons, it’s hard not to feel a sense of optimism going into the summer. Despite Detroit’s record, this season was a moral success in that the team finally severed its last remaining connection to the 2004 title team. It’s no longer grasping at the past, it has embraced its own future.

Either I'm an optimist all of a sudden... or I am host to an alien mind control parasite. The latter would be pretty sweet. Hit up PistonPowered for opinions more eloquent and well-rounded than my own.