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Pistons win final home game, season's penultimate

The Pistons are now tied with the Wizards for the 7th worst record in the NBA.


The Pistons won their fourth consecutive game on Monday night, defeating the Philadelphia 76ers, 109-101. It marks only the second time this season the Pistons have won four straight -- the first came in January, around the time optimists thought the team might surprise and make a run at the No. 8 spot in the playoffs; this streak comes at a time when the only run is for the NBA's 8th worst record and worse lottery odds.

Despite injuring his ankle in the last game, and it appearing to be bad enough to warrant rest over the final two meaningless games, rookie Andre Drummond played just under 33 minutes on Monday night. It was also really weird. He had more fouls (6) than points (5), fouling out for the first time this season, changed his shoes three times, and probably took off one of his socks. Actually, I think he was crying.*

Greg Monroe moosed, again, to 27 points and 16 rebounds. Efficient games from Kyle Singler, Will Bynum and Khris Middleton helped (or hurt depending on how you want to look at it).

Tom Gores was in attendance and spoke to the media before the game about the disappointing season. He most likely left the game, only his second all season, wondering why these wins didn't happen more frequently, and his brain trust probably provided him with a blunt but polite three-word answer: We suck, sir.

The season comes to a wrap on Wednesday in Brooklyn. Not the delicious kind of wrap, though.


* Charlie Villanueva, who recently posted on Instagram that the season was winding down so it was time to step up his "game" [with the ladies], only played six and a half minutes and has played 34 minutes during the Pistons' current winning streak.

* *That reference will never get old, even if it *is* the Nth time I've made it over the years.

* More on lotto combos in a minute... UPDATE: MOAR COMBOS

* Box Score

* Liberty Ballers

* Roll Call

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