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Brandon Knight victim of investment scam

What has already been a rough year for Brandon Knight just got worse. This time, in the wallet.

Can't even get the McKayla Maroney pose right
Can't even get the McKayla Maroney pose right

Dunked on. Crossed over. Broke nose. Lost position. Stunk. Swindled.

This is one season that Brandon Knight will be happy to say goodbye to, I'd think.

Yahoo Sports broke the story for an $18 million scam from something called Success Trade that hit a bunch of NBA and NFL players, 58 people overall.

The basis of the story seems to be Jinesh "Hodge" Brahmbhatt, who says he had 30 clients who paid $12 million for magic beans. Yahoo Sports also quoted sources as saying the investments were from $50,000 to $500,000, but $12 million divided by 30 is $400,000. Math and stuff.

Kudos to Yahoo Sports for breaking yet another story, seriously, fantastic work in the world of sports journalism - but the details are still a bit sketchy.

But as it relates to the Pistons, holy shit, what a tough year for Brandon Knight. He went from the muscular, empowered, high-GPA point guard of the future to start the season to a fella without anyone running to his corner.

Brandon Knight is young, intelligent, and should recover financially - perhaps this is a blessing in disguise, as we hear so many stories about financial ruin among players earning unimaginable salaries and Knight being known as particularly astute in his off-court behavior.

But it still sucks.

Brandon Knight is a Piston. Wherever he goes, I'll always root for him, same as I'm glad to see Carlos Delfino and Amir Johnson succeeding elsewhere. The Poor Knight, whether you're here next year or not, whether you've been good as a Piston or not, all the best to you.