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Decision on Lawrence Frank expected to be delivered on Thursday

According to Adrian Wojnarowski's sources, Lawrence Frank gave Tom Gores an ultimatum and a decision on the coach is expected to be made on Thursday at The Palace.

Bye? How about a fifth year? Okay, bye.
Bye? How about a fifth year? Okay, bye.

It seems Lawrence Frank is going to get canned. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, "the Pistons are expected to deliver Frank's fate" on Thursday at the team's practice facility, less than 24 hours after the Pistons closed out a very disappointing 29-53 season.

Wojnarowski slipped that tidbit into a larger piece about how Frank reportedly went to Tom Gores and told the owner that he does not want to return unless the team picks up his fourth year option. An excerpt:

Within the organization, Frank has been insistent that the Pistons' full-blown rebuilding project and recent instabilities in the head coaching position make it largely unworkable for him to return as a lame-duck coach for the 2013-14 season.

And I think that makes sense from Frank's perspective. Try to lock up the job security, the extra $4 million, and what's Gores going to say? You're (still) fired? Frank most likely has nothing to lose at this point.

Before the game, Matt Dery tweeted that Frank gave a pre-game speech that sounded a lot like a guy who knows his fate. When asked about his future before the game, Frank responded:

"if it's judged that the results aren't good enough, then they'll find another coach. That's just the way it is."

Gores, however unreasonable, expected the team to make the playoffs. 29-53 is not good enough.

Again, the writing is on the wall. That's just the way it is.

But stay tuned.