Is it Bill Laimbeer's time?

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I don't think that Lawrence Frank has done a horrible job coaching; I think he did a decent job. I have been dumbfounded by the lack of substitutions at times when the team was ahead and then let the game get completely out of hand as he stubbornly stayed with the same group on the floor.

I also felt that he should have used Maggette at least a little, and it would have been fun to see Monroe and Drummond paired a bit earlier, but all in all, he developed Drummond pretty well and seemed fair in distributing minutes to vets that earned them.

He also experimented with using Kyle Singler at shooting guard rather boldly, although it seemed to confuse Rodney Stuckey throughout the year as to just what his role was supposed to be. Brandon Knight hasn't really developed as hoped, but I'm not sure if that's Frank's fault or not.

It was a ballsy move by Frank to demand the 4th year be guaranteed, and that, if anything may have saved him. Maybe Tom Gores doesn't see this negatively, but rather admires the guts it takes to be brassy under fire. However, in the end, if Gores doesn't think Frank is the man to be in charge, nothing should change his mind.

So, now we're going to need a strong coach who knows how to use big men, is a winner, has a strong personality, and that has some record of winning championships. Who ya gonna call? Perhaps it's Bill Laimbeer time? The biggest question I'd have is who he'd assemble as his support team - can he build a great assistant coaching staff to help develop the many, many, many young players on this team?

Wonder what the Bad Boys Community thinks about this idea?

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