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Pistons coaching search: Who replaces Lawrence Frank?

Newsflash: Coaches don't last in Detroit. After firing Lawrence Frank after his second season, the Detroit Pistons have gone through nine coaches in 16 years dating back to Alvin Gentry relieving Doug Collins in 1997-98. In that span, only Flip Saunders has coached the team for three complete seasons.

Ezra Shaw

While some people are hoping the Detroit Pistons completely clean house, Vinnie Goodwill suggests team owner Tom Gores isn't ready to give up on Joe Dumars:

Who's in line to be the Pistons fifth coach in the last seven years? The ink on Frank's pink slip was barely dry before some fans started calling for Bill Laimbeer, but that doesn't look likely:

Who does? Vince Ellis has suggested a few other names, such as former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, serial texter Kelvin Sampson and former Blazers/Sonics head man Nate McMillan.

Will Dumars have the guts to go with a first timer? Matt Dery suggested a couple of would-be rookie head coaches, including the son of former Bad Boys era Pistons assistant Brendan Malone:

Side note: here's my thoughts on Sampson the last time he was linked to a Detroit job. And in that same link I championed the idea of rolling the dice on Budenholzer, Gregg Popovich's longtime No. 2 in San Antonio.

Last but not least, here's a "not gonna happen but oh man it'd be awesome" idea:

Who's your ideal pick? Now your thoughts.