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Jose Calderon on his return to Toronto

From SB Nation's James Herbert, in Toronto for Jose Calderon's homecoming:

"Whew," Calderon said after the game. "It's hard to explain but it felt great. I think it's going to be one of the better moments in my career for sure ... When they showed the video with the different times as a Raptor with the longer hair then shorter hair, and less hair and more hair, and it was a lot of great moments there that came to my mind and [I] just was thinking about it. And it was a tough one because it was during a timeout so I didn't know if you check the board -- the coach was talking -- or just saying ‘thank you.' It was great."

[...] "That's probably the best teammate I ever had," DeRozan said on Feb. 1. "Ever. Since I've been playing basketball. Since I've been here I've probably seen Jose get upset once. But the positive attitude that he had and the advice he gave me day in and day out, even if I was struggling he always helped to uplift you. That was the great thing about Jose. So I credit a lot of my success to Jose, honestly."

It's a good read -- go here to read the whole thing.