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Pistons Coach Rumors: Jeff Van Gundy slams Pistons front office

Jeff Van Gundy spoke quite candidly about the coaching carousel in Detroit, and how the team's unnamed General Manager is to blame for its problems.


Ex-NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy, oft-floated as a potential coaching option for the Pistons, has slammed Detroit's front office on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Radio. In an interview with host Chris Russo, Van Gundy addressed Detroit's coaching carousel and the blame game played by Detroit's management. Without mentioning Dumars by name, Van Gundy did not pull any punches:

"Detroit Pistons basketball slogan: When the going gets tough, we fire the coach," Van Gundy said. "It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. You know what surprises me, Chris? These new owners in Detroit have to be exceedingly bright to have made as much money as they have. And to be duped again that your G.M. tells you that the roster is good and the coach is bad ... They run through coaches and they haven't even begun to address their problem."

After the firing of Lawrence Frank this week, both Jeff and Stan Van Gundy have been named as potential replacements as Detroit's head coach. It's safe to assume that Jeff Van Gundy has taken his name out of the hat, as he apparently sees the Pistons problems for what they really are:

"The most important player or person in any organization is the person that picks the players. But we don't, as organizations, examine them. We just take the easy way out time and time again. You lose, the G.M. convinces the owner 'We got good players. It's the coach's fault.' We fire the coach; we bring a new coach in; we continue to lose. We fire that coach, saying that 'We have better players.' It just goes on and on. It's typical and I can't believe that the Detroit owners fell for it. I just can't believe it."

No arguments here, Jeff. Apparently, Detroit's new owners have fallen for the routine, as Frank is the second coach fired under Gores in as many years-- yet Dumars so far remains unscathed. It's refreshing to hear a media personality speak so candidly and accurately about Detroit's management problems in recent years. Chances are, Pistons fans can forget about Jeff Van Gundy taking the helm for Detroit next season, and that's probably a pretty wise career decision on his part.