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Pistons coaching search: Lindsey Hunter interviewing for Detroit head coaching job

Former Pistons guard had a disastrous run as interim head coach of the Phoenix Suns last season.


Lindsey Hunter, a longtime guard in Detroit who won a championship with the team in 2004 has reportedly asked the Phoenix Suns for permission to interview for the Pistons' head coaching vacancy, according to reports.

Of course, YHIHF (And if you didn't hear it here first, maybe you should follow Detroit Bad Boys on Twitter so you can catch up and have conversations with the cool kids).

It is unknown has serious of a contender Hunter is for the position as he clearly seemed overmatched and unprepared when thrust into the role as interim head coach of the Phoenix Suns. Prior to being named head coach in Phoenix, Hunter had zero in-game coaching experience at any level. When he was elevated to the position following the firing of Alvin Gentry the decision rankled so many feathers that other Suns assistants quit in protest.

The results were predictably bad and it might be the most overt yet subtle form of tanking I can remember in the past several years. In a rare decree of unanimous consent, 100 percent of voters in a recent DBB poll decided that Lindsey Hunter should NOT be the next head coach of the Pistons.

I find it hard to believe that Joe Dumars disagrees. There are job interviews and there are "job interviews," and this one seems like a professional courtesy being thrown Hunter's way by an organization where he spent much of his career and by his good friend in Dumars.

Of course, Dumars is also the same guy that hired Michael Curry. ... So there's that.