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Andre Drummond + Vine + Penguins = Magic

Andre Drummond seems to either be greatly enjoying his first offseason or bored with way too much time on his hands.

Is this the beginning of the next great American novel, created with the latest 21st century technology just as Charles Dickens used to release his works serially, one section at a time? You have your hero, yearning for something more trying to realize the dream of a life unfulfilled. You also have a grown man in a penguin costume.

Nah, this is probably just the most batshit insane thing on the Internet right now. Enjoy the vines and we'll try and gather our thoughts afterwards. The Vines run in a loop and you have to click the speaker in the upper left-hand corner to unmute the audio.

Yes, that just happened.

You will never unsee it. Let it just wash over you.

I have a million questions but I guess I'll leave you with just this one. What do you think came first, the penguin costume or the idea and desire to create the Vine?

Only the giant penguin knows for sure.