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Guess the score and winner of Pistons-Celtics to win a prize!

Guess the final score and winner of Wednesday night's Pistons-Celtics game and you could win a prize up to $50.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Let's play a little game to make Wednesday night's game a little more interesting than it is (or isn't). Let's see if any of you can accurately predict the final score and winner. If you can be the closest at doing that, we will let you pick any one (1) thing you want from the Pistons' store, up to $50, and it's yours. For free (for you). Here are all of the official rules, terms and conditions -- make sure you read those -- but I'll summarize below.

You have until 7:25 p.m. ET to comment on THIS POST the 1) game winner, 2) final score and 3) Andre Drummond's total points. Straight from the rules:

The object of the Contest is to accurately predict the final score and winning team. If no entrant correctly guesses the final score and the winner of the Game, then the entrant that predicts the score that has the lowest total differential from the actual score of such Game will be the winner. If one or more entrants have the same point differential and a tie results, then the entrant that most accurately predicts the Player's total points for the Game (without going over) will be named the winner. If it is still impossible to determine a single winner after this round, then the entrant that was the first to submit an Entry in response to the Contest Post (from the tiebreaker pool) will be named the winner.

Once we have a winner, we'll contact you within five (5) days, probably sooner, to let you know how to claim your prize. You will have three (3) days to respond or you forfeit your win.

Important Disclaimers:

* Please, only one entry. Any entries beyond your first one will not be acknowledged and will only cause chaos. Multiple entries will be Red Panda'd.

* The Pistons are not in on this fun, but I figured we'd have winner pick something from their store to help the team that we love. Vox Media is the Sponsor.

* This is NOT the GameThread. Ben has graciously posted that here.

* In the event that anything I've carelessly typed in this post is in conflict with any of the terms of the official rules, the official rules shall prevail.