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Rutgers coaching search: Lawrence Frank denies contact, 'very happy' coaching Pistons

Despite Rutgers' alleged interest, Frank being contacted for the school's vacant head coaching position.


After being named as a potential candidate for Rutgers' vacant head coaching position, Lawrence Frank denied being contacted by the university. From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, speaking to Frank before Wednesday's game against the Celtics:

“I'm the coach of the Pistons,” Frank said before the Pistons faced the Celtics tonight. "I haven't heard from anyone."

“Like I told you, I'm very happy as the coach of the Pistons. I haven't been contacted by anyone and there's nothing more to say.”

It's not the strongest denial in the world, but it's pointless to attempt reading between the lines. Frank is obviously aware that the same problems that plagued the Pistons in the past -- namely, flashes of potential followed by long stretches of disappointment.

I can't imagine Joe Dumars or Tom Gores are excited for yet another coaching search, but this one might be easier to stomach if it's framed as a mutual parting that allows Frank to be closer to his family. Plus, bringing in a new coach is still the easiest way to signal to the fans that the team is serious about making yet another fresh start.