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Pistons host Bulls: the season winds down

The Pistons host the Bulls for their final match-up of the season, and we've got your late game-thread here. Finally.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The final Pistons/Bulls match-up of the season is underway, with Chicago leading in the first quarter. The Bulls have beat the Pistons 18 games in a row, hoping to tie a franchise record win streak against a single opponent. The current record holder for consecutive Bulls losses? The Teal-era Pistons.

Detroit will be without Jose Calderon tonight, nursing a tricep injury, but Chicago is still without Luol Deng (and Derrick Rose, of course). Unlike the last time these teams faced off, Joakim Noah has returned and will challenge Detroit's young frontcourt on the glass. Will an extended-minute Andre Drummond be able to compete tonight? After a tough game against Minnesota last night, Drummond has a chance to finish the season on a high note starting with a nice game against a playoff-bound Bulls squad tonight.

Sorry to bring this game thread to you late, but NCAA madness has hit us pretty hard here... and finding entertainment in late-season Pistons games is a tough dig. Join the conversation in the comments!