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Former Pistons forward Amir Johnson throws first pitch (into ground) at Blue Jays game

Attempt No. 1 Didn't go very well so he decided to try again. With spectacular results.

For some reason Amir Johnson has remained one of my favorite former Pistons who only became really productive once they left Detroit. He joins the company of Arron Afflalo and Carlos Delfino of players I keep tabs on and root for. So I was excited when I saw that he was throwing out the first pitch at a Toronto Blue Jays game. And I got even more excited when I realized that the only reason first pitches are ever shown anywhere is when something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

This wasn't the disaster of, say, John Wall. Johnson seems to have fallen prey to getting so amped up that he overthrew the ball. Wall, meanwhile, looks like he didn't know how to throw it and didn't know when to let go of it. The worst first pitch of all time, as any self respecting Howard Stern fan can tell you, belongs to none other than Gary Dell'Abate. Stern's producer and lifetime Mets fan got to throw out the first pitch in 2009 and ... boy, it went about as bad as humanly possibly considering he had both arms, both legs, and wasn't 80+ years old.

For added enjoyment the video is embedded below.