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SB Nation Network NBA Playoffs Open Thread: We're all (or mostly) Pacers fans now

Fans throughout the SB Nation Network gather to see if anyone, ANYONE can stop the mighty Miami Heat on their way to another championship.


The NBA Draft lottery is over and unless you're a fan of the Cavs, Magic or Wizards you're probably pretty upset. No, the balls didn't fall your team's way but you can take out your frustrations by watching what promises to be a real slugfest in the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers.

The Pacers are the best defense in the NBA and Miami isn't far behind. And while the Heat have frequently looked unstoppable the health of Dwyane Wade is in doubt and if any defense can frustrate and stymie Miami's big three it is probably the Pacers.

The game tips off at 8:30 p.m. tonight on TNT. Join us!

Standard boilerplate below:

What you might not understand is that this thread may be posted on the covers of other great SB Nation NBA blogs throughout the network, meaning other teams' fans may be stopping by to comment on the games with the DBB community.

The idea behind this is to bring general NBA fans together as one, in one community. That community for this Wednesday night is DBB.

We have a wonderful network here at SB Nation with incredibly insightful fans within each NBA blog's different community. We think these fans should be given an opportunity to come together, take in the game, shoot some e-breeze, maybe share some memes and lulz, and enjoy the fresh company, if they so desire. It could be fun.

All that we ask is that you abide by DBB's one loose rule and be respectful to one another at all times. (Also, please use the "flag" button to help us monitor any trolls or spammers.)