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Happy birthday! Joe Dumars turns 50

Lets celebrate one of the all-time great members of the Detroit Pistons family. Without Joe Dumars this blog wouldn't even have a name.

While today might not be the best birthday in Joe Dumar's life, it is one of the biggest. One of the founding members of the Detroit Bad Boys turns 50 today and to celebrate I found a bunch of awesome clips that work toward putting his excellent career into perspective.

First, some specifics:

"What he meant to his game, not just to this city but to the entire league, with his sportsmanship and his class and his character, it doesn't come around often. Just the things that he did outside of this court, I think it's long overdue. He's definitely deserving." -Chauncey Billups on Dumars' HOF induction

Full Name: Joe Dumars III
Born: 5/24/63 in Shreveport, La.
College: McNeese State
High School: Natchitoches (La.) Central
Drafted: Detroit Pistons, 1985 (18th overall)
Nickname: Joe D.
Height: 6-3
Weight: 195 lbs.

Honors: Elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2006); NBA champion (1989, 1990); NBA Finals MVP (1989); NBA All-Rookie Team (1986); six-time NBA All-Star; All-NBA Second Team (1993); All-NBA Third Team (1990, '91); All-Defensive First Team (1989, 1990, '92, '93); All-Defensive Second Team (1991); World Championship gold medalist (1994); NBA Sportsmanship Award (1996); J. Walter Kennedy Citzenship Award (1994).

Bio: One of the top shooting guards of his era, Joe Dumars was a consistent all-around player throughout his 14-year NBA career. He played his entire career with the Detroit Pistons and was a six-time All-Star, the owner of two NBA Championship rings, a defensive standout and a clutch shooter. Dumars quickly earned the reputation of being a defensive stalwart and a serious offensive threat but it was cemented with his 1989 NBA Finals MVP performance. Dumars was also well-respected for his sportsmanship that belied his intensity and toughness and for being a true leader in the NBA.

Dumars went from a small town in Louisiana to the top of the Motor City and the basketball world, as both a player and later as an executive as the architect of the 2004 NBA World Champion Detroit Pistons.

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But they say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, so here are some excellent moving pictures for you to enjoy.

Joe Dumars drafted by the Detroit Pistons

Dumars has always been plainspoken and here he is downright shy and reserved. He would eventually reveal that he thought being drafted by the Pistons was the worst thing that could have happened to him (Detroit already had Isiah Thomas and it was a cold-weather city for a guy from the south). Lucky for everyone, he was wrong.

Dumars 1989 NBA Finals MVP -- Top 10 plays

Dumars had a real coming out party in the 1989 NBA Finals where he showed he could not only be a lockdown defender but also a creative scorer who wasn't afraid to take the big shot. He ended up winning his first championship that year as well as being named NBA Finals MVP.

Dumars vs. Jordan

I always loved Dumars more than any of the other Bad Boys because he was just as much of a tenacious defender as any of them but did it in an almost quiet, unassuming way. And he had no bigger defensive challenge than Michael Jordan. Here Dumars and Jordan go toe to toe and while it does have a pro-Jordan slant (it was his video after all), he freely admits nobody guarded him better than Dumars.

Dumars retirement interview

When he retired in 1999, Dumars was the old guard leaving a rebuilding team. This interview captures a little of why he was so great, particularly his comments around the 3-minute mark where he defends the Bad Boys mentality and hints at the perspective he brought with him to the front office. Also, the 1990s were ridiculous in every way.

Hall of Fame induction speech

An incredibly classy speech from an incredibly classy individual.

Rasheed Wallace REMIX

And remember, if Joe Dumars didn't trade for Rasheed Wallace, or draft Jason Maxiell, Amir Johnson or Will Blalock, we might have never gotten one of the best things on the internet ever.