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Eastern Conference Finals Open Thread: Pacers vs. Heat

The Heat are up 2-1 after a commanding win in Indianapolis. Can the Pacers turn the momentum for the series back in their favor?

Chris Trotman

After a thrilling first games one and two of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Pacers laid an egg Sunday at home. The Heat had their way offensively as they cruised to a 114-96 win.

They're back in Indianapolis tonight in a crucial game for the series. The Spurs are waiting for the winners after a sweep against the Grizzlies.

Some numbers:

  • LeBron James is averaging 29 points per game for the series, compared to 25 points per game for this year's playoffs as a whole.
  • Birdman has yet to miss a shot from the field in the series, currently 13 for 13. He's also 6 for 7 from the line.
  • After 20 turnovers in game one and 14 in game two, Miami only turned the ball over 5 times on Sunday.
  • Roy Hibbert has been the Pacers only consistent player through the first three, averaging 23 points, 13 rebounds.

We'll ride this thread through the remainder of the Eastern Conference Finals and will update with a new one for the Finals.