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NBA Draft 2013: Ben McLemore's DBB scouting report

Leading up to the draft lottery, members of the Detroit Bad Boys staff will weigh in on the Detroit Pistons' draft prospects. We continue with Kansas' Ben McLemore. Should the Pistons draft him?

Ronald Martinez

What would McLemore bring to the Pistons?

Shinons*: Same thing as Muhammad, only efficiently.

Mike Payne: A buttery-smooth, silky-soft stroke. Awesome animated gifs. A shooting guard that plays like shooting guards did before combo guards were all the rage. Guys like Ray Allen, Kevin Martin, JJ Redick. I think Kevin Martin is probably the most likely career arc for this young fella, hopefully without the frailty.

Sean Corp: Elite shooting. Efficient scoring. Just what the doctor ordered. Dude shot nearly 50 percent while taking 400 shots on the season. And his coach and teammates thought he was too tentative. In a lot of ways I feel like he is one of the more underrated No. 2 overall picks in recent years only because I think he is going to improve by leaps and bounds as he matures and gets more confident in his game.

Kevin Sawyer: Shooting, shooting and more shooting. A Calderon-McLemore pairing in the backcourt could well be the most efficient offensively in the NBA. He also showed he could get to the hoop, resulting in 55% shooting from 2-point range. His 63% TS was second only to Oladipo among prospects on the wings.

Red flags?

Shinons*: Really, I'm probably the least enthused about McLemore. He's a scorer, that's it. Which would be fine if he were at least a prolific scorer - and he's actually barely more prolific than Oladipo this year. He disappears, isn't aggressive enough. So isn't he just a shooting guard version of Cody Zeller?

Mike Payne: None. The draft media complains about his lack of isolation skills. That's like complaining about your steak not having enough sugar. Shut up, draft media.

Sean Corp: I've heard people complain he lacks a killer instinct but I couldn't care less about that in college ball, especially from a freshman. I'd say the biggest worry is that he can't break people down and create his own shot but when you have the elite stroke that he does I don't mind if most of his shots are of the spot-up variety. Monroe and Calderon are great passers, it would be awesome if they had a teammate who could, you know, hit an open shot.

Kevin Sawyer: His relatively unimpressive athletic numbers suggest he might not be so successful getting to the basket, or getting off his shot in non catch-and-shoot situations. The Ray Allen comparisons aren't unreasonable, but Allen was a better rebounder and defender in college. This high in the draft, you don't want a one-dimensional player.

Also, simply put, he's a bit of a knucklehead. Getting kicked out of school and being declared academically ineligible aren't feathers in his cap. It's all pretty minor stuff (drinking and not studying) but Ray Allen had a 3.6 GPA in college. Just sayin'.

On a scale of 1/10, how would you feel about McLemore joining the roster?

Shinons*: 4/10. He's good, he's talented. He's at a position of need. If we're picking at 7, fine. If we're top three, no way.


Sean Corp: 10/10. I would not be worried in the slightest if McLemore became a member of the Pistons.

Kevin Sawyer: 9. While his upside might be limited, it is difficult to imagine McLemore being anything other than an outstanding catch and shoot player on a team that could use one. I would be ecstatic if he fell to us.

Now, your thoughts.