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George Blaha on Mo Cheeks

What does the Pistons' legendary play-by-play man think of Maurice Cheeks? He's a fan.

You can't formulate an opinion on Maurice Cheeks without first hearing from the great George Blaha. Blaha posted his kool-aid thoughts on Cheeks at yesterday. Below is an excerpt:

From everything I've heard about Mo Cheeks the coach - and what I saw - his coaching style, although vocal enough, was somewhat low key and easy to deal with, just like he was as a player. If you look back at his days in Philly, there were a lot of headline grabbers there and guys who made highlight-reel plays. Mo Cheeks just made the right play and went about his business. I think in that way he'll fit in very well with the solid, intelligent young players the Pistons have, like Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight and even Andre Drummond, who for as young as he is takes a very mature approach to going about his business.

You look back at his first two stops, Mo Cheeks has coached rosters that weren't necessarily always the easiest to coach in the past. He's had some talent, but now he's coming to a really intelligent group of young players. Now he'll get to add another player in the lottery and whoever comes by virtue of all the cap space the Pistons are going to have this summer and he has a chance to coach a roster that will be significantly better than last year's and be better still in the future.

I really like the fact that Mo Cheeks had the opportunity to be an assistant coach before jumping back in, to step away from that first chair for a few years and help an organization achieve a spot in the NBA Finals. Mo played in the league as a point guard, as tough a position as there is in the league in terms of decision making, and he was an assistant coach and then a two-time head coach before going to OKC. Then he achieved a lot of success as part of that staff with the Thunder. I think that's going to do nothing but help him become a better coach.

This was a perfect scenario for Mo Cheeks and I'm not the least bit surprised he's getting another opportunity. This could be a great situation for Mo Cheeks at just the right time for the Pistons. It's a well-deserved chance for Mo and I'm happy for him and for the Pistons.

Now, your thoughts.