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2013 NBA Draft: Second round big board

Gregory Shamus

Now let's get to the 2nd round frenzy! Oh, you didn't know there was a frenzy? James Southerland doesn't titillate your senses? Well, again, this draft sucks. But here's what the dregs look like, by my lights.

To check out my first round picks, click here. Now, forget about those. Here are these:

1. Lucas Nogueira

He has posted strong athletic numbers in a top Euro League, though you would kind of expect that from a 20.9 year old who has NBA potential. He is raw, and a bit old to be raw, but he could be an outstanding defender. He could also be Darko.

2. Ricky Ledo

Let's face it. We know nothing about him. He looks nice in workouts, and that's all we have. On the other hand, unlike, say, Alex Len, we don't have two years of evidence suggesting he isn't good. I wouldn't invest three guaranteed years in him, but I'd happily spend an early 2nd rounder to make sure he played for my team in case things go all jackpot. He could also be Darko.

3. Giannis Adetokunbo

Same deal. Also, what is the track record of players for whom American writers cannot agree on a proper spelling prior to the draft? What was Darko before he was Darko?

4. Andre Roberson

Let's get this out of the way. The Faried references are a bit silly. Like Faried, Roberson is an undersized power forward. However, unlike Faried, Roberson does not have a nose bleed rebounding rate that should put any fear of his being undersized to bed. If you are excited about Roberson, it's because you believe he was unfairly forced into a perimeter role in college, and is better suited to being a straight up big. That's not a bad reason to get a jump on him early in the second round, but let's not pretend this guy should be in the lottery.

5. Jamal Olasewere

With a last name that looks like an embarrassing typo on an IRS form, Olasewere quietly dominated whoever it was Long Island faced. His athletic numbers are very good (10 FTA, 10 REB and 2 ST per 40 minutes), and if he can make the transition to the three, someone other than I will have to learn how to spell his last name.

6. Mason Plumlee

I am relatively certain he will outlast at least half of the players in front of him. However, he seems firmly cemented as a decent second big off the bench. A contender might like that in the first round, but teams looking to build can get the same value in free agency every year. At his age, and given his numbers, there is just no upside here.

7. Steven Adams

Lots of upside here. On the other hand, anyone drafting him had better hope there is, because he sucked in college. His profile looks a lot like Andre Drummond's, and I think that's what has a lot of scouts excited about him. He will probably block shots, but nothing else projects well besides his age.

8. Seth Curry

And here is the difference between a dude who knocks down shots out of the gate and declares, and a dude who knocks down shots, but sticks around. Curry never got better at any of the other basketball stuff, but he's worth his draft status as a shooter. Ben McLemore is lottery bound.

9. Bojan Dubljevic (sp?)

He seems to be good. I will learn to spell his name when he proves he is good.

10. Myck Kabongo

If teams are going to splurge on a point guard who can't shoot, why not hold off and wait for Kabongo? He has solid athletic numbers and has a real shot of making it in the NBA. Teams looking for a backup PG could do worse.

11. Allen Crabbe

Crabbe didn't improve at all from his sophomore to junior year, which is concerning. However, his broader profile suggests a fairly athletic two guard with a lot of height and really good range (he clocked in at 40% from three point range his freshman year). At this stage, you take him knowing his upside is unlikely to materialize, but hoping his tools come together as a solid role player.

12. Erick Green

Prolific and efficient as a scorer, but with four years of evidence demonstrating how unlikely it is all of that will translate to the NBA. What I like about Green is that, in his senior year, he doubled his rate of free throw attempts while also increasing his three point attempts. Clearly, the light went on, and that's worth a look at this stage.

13. James Ennis

If Kentavious Caldwell-Pope went to Long Beach State...

14. Grant Jerrett

He left Arizona after a crappy freshman season, which tells me his people know he isn't going to be great. He almost assuredly won't be. But a 6'10 dude who can play a little defense and hit his threes? He could easily find a niche somewhere. And at 19, there is a chance he could do more. Also, Jerrett is excruciatingly difficult to spell. Loo away from your computer quick and try to recite it. See?

15. Gorgui Deng

I get that he started basketball late, but when you have to start telling stories to explain why a guy his age hasn't been good, chances are he just isn't that good. Bottom line, a dude his age and height should have dominated at the college level, and he didn't. However, he did block some shots, and seems like he could hold up a second string on defense. If you are comfortable with that ceiling, you take him here.

16. Alex Abrines

Fun fact: Abrines hit 100% of his (17) free throws in Euro League. In related news, he played against Europe's best competition and didn't crap the bed. Neither did he do all that much to impress. I'll stick him here.

17. James Southerland

Prototypical late bloomer who winds up helping a contender for a few seasons. That said, though he's 23, he wasn't really give a chance to play earlier in his college career. His athletic stats are reasonable, so I wonder if there isn't a bit more to this story.

18. Livio Jean Charles

He blew everyone's face off at the Nike Hoops Summit. Euro players... Where one game sample sizes happen.

19. Alex Oriakhi

Who is running Missouri's offense? Seriously, this dude transfers from UConn, where he wasn't a fit, only to shoot 64% from the field. He is one of a slew of players to rate among the best in the NCAA in TS% in recent years. As such, I'm inclined to wonder if it's an illusion. I'm also inclined to wonder why Missouri doesn't just win every game by 50 points.

20. Ryan Broekhoff

Yeah, I don't know who he is either.

21. Richard Howell

Yet another undersized power forward who won't get much respect. Perhaps he shouldn't, but his rebounding numbers are quite nice, and if he is going to contribute, he'll do it right away at his age. Seems like the sort of experienced player who doesn't make a lot of mistakes, and who could help a good club therefore.

22. Tim Hardaway Jr.

At a certain point in a lousy draft, you start thinking about pedigree. So this is that.

23. Alex Len

I am properly convinced this guy is going to be a major bust. The line on him is that Maryland's style of play was ill-suited to his Euro game. What does that mean? That he was unable to rebound for some reason? Is there a Euro style of rebounding that somehow doesn't translate to the NBA, but also does translate to the NCAA? Did his European background prevent him from stealing the ball? Because he did that at the worst rate, by far, of anyone in this draft.

But, you know, workouts.

24. Colton Iverson

His numbers are decent, which stands to reason given that he's been playing since the Bush administration. There is at least a 30% chance he winds up becoming the Timberwolves' obligatory white hustle guy.

25. Peyton Siva

He'll get drafted because he played for Louisville. What intrigue me are the steals, the free throw percentage and the A/TO. Makings of a solid backup point guard here. He can't shoot, though, so don't expect much.

26. C.J. Aiken

If he stops trying to be a stretch four, he could be a very efficient scorer inside. A lot of teams could use him on their bench if he pans out. Those rebounding numbers, though... Ugh, you guys.

27. Anthony Marshall

Marshall isn't a great shooter, though he did find ways to score relatively efficiently. He also posted a better than 2:1 A/TO. If he can hit 36% from three at the NBA level (as he did his senior year) he'll find a home. That said, his skill set is limited, and so is his upside, given his age.

28. Brandon Davies

If you are going to play the "if he didn't have to be the man on offense" game, Davies is a nice pick. Could his scoring impulses translate to slightly better rebounding at the NBA level? That would be the hope, I guess.

29. Travis Releford

Seems silly to let a shooter of his caliber go undrafted, but Releford was awfully selective with his shots. Still, given the talent surrounding him, why shouldn't he have been? Can't see leaving 68% TS from a major conference on the board in this draft. On some level, this dude gets his role better than 99.5% of players out there. That's worth a flier in my book.

30. Marko Todorovic

Why? Because the Spurs are probably going to draft him at #58 and stash him, and I want to say I was all over that four years from now when the team is improbably riding a 41 year old Tim Duncan to another deep playoff run because Todorovic was able to play 26 mpg in the regular season. That's why.