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2013 NBA Draft Open Thread: Welcome to the end of 'silly season'

The 2013 NBA Draft is Thursday night and that means 100-percent of those with legs will stand, walk to the podium, and take pictures while wearing the hat of their new employer. This is where you can talk about it all.


Welcome to NBA Draft Day, fans. At 7:30 p.m. coverage for the draft begins and we can officially kiss the 2013 "silly season" goodbye, as Keith Langlois so aptly coined it the other day. The picks will come in and mock drafts will be mostly left for shame.

Over the last couple months, we have tried to prepare you for this day as best as we possibly could, with mock drafts, scouting reports, rumors, etc., but we're an hour out from draft and it's still pretty much a toss up who the Pistons will land. You can gather as much from Langlois' most recent tweet about where the Pistons are leaning with the No. 8 overall pick:

Hopefully one of those point guards is Michigan's Trey Burke, who Chad Ford has slipping all the way to No. 13 in his 7.2 Mock Draft. I personally don't want the Pistons passing on him.

But we'll find out soon enough, and then we'll probably overreact one way (razors!) or the other (foam fingers!). Or not. I don't know.

Now, your thoughts.