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NBA Draft: Pistons pass on Trey Burke to select Anthony Bennett in Mock 7.0

In Chad Ford's final mock draft Trey Burke falls to the Pistons and Detroit passes on him in favor of Anthony Bennett.


I've got good news and bad news. Chad Ford has released mock draft 7.0. In version 5.0 he had the Pistons selecting Michigan's Trey Burke. In version 6.0, Burke was off the board and so he had the Pistons taking UNLV forward Anthony Bennett. But in the final version Burke is again available for the Pistons. Yay. Unfortunately, they pass on the reigning national player of the year at a position of need in favor of selecting Bennett to apparently be a backup power forward.

Uhh ... boo?

I don't necessarily dislike Bennett as a prospect as much as a lot of my brethren at DBB, but that has a lot more to do with not wanting to pre-judge a player I don't know very well and knowing that some analytical-minded folks are pretty high on him as a prospect.

In this latest iteration McLemore goes to Charlotte, Michael Carter-Williams goes to New Orleans and C.J. McCollum goes to Sacramento. Burke not only falls past Detroit in this scenario but he falls to No. 12 to the Thunder (the rich get richer?).

Ford also has Detroit selecting point guard (of the future?) Archie Goodwin, and includes this incredibly depressing commentary:

Analysis: Goodwin was billed as a poor man's Russell Westbrook coming into Kentucky. He struggled mightily, but the raw talent is there. He's got elite speed and athletic abilities. If he ever figures out a jumper, he's got a lot of upside.

With the 56th pick, Detroit is mocked to select Solomon Hill, a small forward out of Arizona.