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NBA Draft: Mock Draft Round-Up

Here is the current status of the Internet's most prominent NBA mock drafts.

Joe Robbins

I'd like to say that I made this chart because I wanted to help fans see a snapshot of where the consensus (or lack thereof) currently stands for the 2013 NBA Draft. Really though, I just wanted to point out the Sheridan Hoops mock draft, which currently has the Pistons taking Victor Oladipo with the eighth pick in the draft. Of course, they also have Alex Len going No. 1 and Orlando trading the second overall pick.

Anyway, enjoy the chart.

Team DraftExpress ESPN SI CBS -- Matt Moore SBNation SheridanHoops USA Today
Cleveland Len Noel Noel Noel Porter Noel Len Len
Orlando Oladipo McLemore Oladipo McLemore McLemore McLemore Noel Noel
Washington Porter Porter Porter Porter Noel Porter Bennett Porter
Charlotte Zeller Len McLemore Len Len Bennett Porter McLemore
Phoenix Noel Oladipo Len Oladipo Oladipo Oladipo McLemore Oladipo
New Orleans Burke Burke MCW Burke Burke Len Burke Burke
Sacramento Bennett McCollum McCollum Bennett MCW Burke McCollum Bennett
Detroit McLemore Bennett Bennett MCW McCollum McCollum Oladipo MCW
Portland MCW Adams Burke Muhammad Adams Adams Adams Adams
Philadelphia Nogueira Zeller Zeller Zeller Bennett Muhammad Zeller Zeller
OKC McCollum Olynyk Adams Adams KCP Karasev Karasev McCollum
Dallas Karasev MCW Karasev Karasev Muhammad Schroeder MCW Karasev
Utah Adams Larkin Nogueira Schroeder Larkin MCW Schroeder Olynyk
Milwaukee Adetokoubo Karasev Larkin McCollum Schroeder Adetoknbo Larkin Muhammad
Boston Schroeder Schroeder Olynyk Olynyk Plumlee Zeller Olynyk Larkin
Atlanta Olynyk Adetokunbo Antetokounmpo Nogueira Gobert Larkin Adetokunbo Adetokoubo
Atlanta Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad Franklin Dieng Dieng Muhammad Franklin
Cleveland Hardaway Jr. Bullock Bullock Adetokunbo Olynyk Noguiera Hardaway Jr. Schroeder
Chicago Snell Hardaway Jr. Plumlee Bullock Crabbe Crabbe Plumlee Plumlee
Utah Larkin Nogueira Canaan Plumlee Karasev Olynyk Noegueira NOgueira
Brooklyn Dieng Plumlee Schroeder Dieng Mitchell Bullock Dieng Hardaway Jr.
Indiana Plumlee Canaan Dieng Larkin Bullock Snell Bullock Canaan
New York Mitchell Franklin Franklin Mitchell Franklin Hardaway Jr. Franklin Mitchell
LAC Crabbe Crabbe Hardaway Jr. Gobert Adetokundo Plumlee Crabbe Bullock
Minnesota Canaan Dieng Crabbe Withey Ledo Jean-Charles Withey Gobert
Denver Wolters Gobert Snell Ledo Snell Goodwin Mitchell Ledo
San Antonio Green Withey Gobert Snell Brown Gobert Gobert Withey
OKC Gobert MItchell Ledo Rice Jr. Hardaway Jr. Muscala Ledo Dieng
Phoenix Franklin Jackson Green Crabbe Withey Franklin Snell Rice Jr.