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2013 NBA Draft Results: Detroit Pistons select Tony Mitchell with 37th overall pick

The Pistons took an athletic forward with their first second round pick of the 2013 NBA Draft, Tony Mitchell out of the University of North Texas.


What he can do

Theoretically, pretty much everything. In his freshman season, Mitchell posted monster athletic numbers. 44% from three point range and 14 reb/40. Based on those numbers, I was hoping the Pistons would pick him this year... In the lottery.

What he can't do

What a difference a year makes. After a coaching switch, Mitchell's attitude problems came to the surface, and he suffered in every aspect of his game. Based on his sophomore year, he should have gone undrafted. There is a lot of risk here.

What Draft Express says

Mitchell's physical attributes remain his greatest selling point as a prospect at this stage, as he stands nearly 6'9 in shoes with excellent athleticism, a solid frame, and a very impressive 7'3 wingspan for a power forward. He is capable of utilizing these tools effectively in his shot-blocking, rebounding, and finishing around the basket, though the frequency with which he does all of those things fell off this past year.

The offensive end is where Mitchell's regression this season was most pronounced, and the reasons why become fairly evident early in most possessions, as Mitchell is often content to stand and wait on the perimeter, not moving much without the ball and spending far less time trying to get open in the painted area. North Texas’ team chemistry was obviously extremely poor this season, as it appeared that the team gave up on competing at a very early stage, which Mitchell played a major part of.

What Chad Ford says

  • Long athletic forward
  • Explosive leaper
  • Great speed and quickness for a forward
  • Excellent motor
  • Very good rebounder
  • Excels in transition
  • Can guard multiple positions


  • Needs to improve range on his jump shot
  • Needs to add strength
  • Academic issues have kept him off the court his first two seasons

What I say

This is an outstanding pick. Mitchell was a monster his freshman season, but didn't contend well with a coaching change. I thought the sum total of that was worth a late lottery pick. To get him in the second round? Make with the dancing zebras I say.

Again, this dude rocked 14 reb/40 as a freshman, with 65% TS. Those numbers are ridiculous. The question is whether he can return to that level of production. If he can, he'll be a star.