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Report: Rasheed Wallace in talks to join Pistons coaching staff

SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! Ready for some more "ball don't lie"?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Bennett goes No. 1, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett get traded to the Brooklyn Nets and somehow the Detroit Pistons managed to have the biggest news on draft night.

But then again maybe I'm biased.

Rasheed Wallace is in talks to join the Pistons coaching staff, according to a report from the New York Daily News:

Normally, I would take anything reported by the Daily News with a large dose of sea salt but the report was also confirmed by Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News:

It was just a year ago many Pistons fans pined for Ben Wallace to join the coaching staff so he could mentor the Pistons two most important players -- young bigs Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.

Now they will have to face the wrath of Sheed who has always been a great teammate, an incredibly intelligent player and won't accept anything but full commitment from anybody.

This night couldn't get better.