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ESPN's Chad Ford gives Pistons a 'B' for 2013 draft class

Check out the worldwide leader's draft guy's quick take on the Pistons' 2013 NBA Draft.


After too many and mostly wrong mock drafts, Chad Ford posted his 2013 NBA Draft grades on ESPN this morning. He gave the Pistons a 'B' for boner.

His analysis is excerpted here below:

Round 1: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (8)

Round 2: Tony Mitchell (37), Peyton Siva (56)

Analysis: After weeks of hearing about the Pistons' need for a point guard and their desire to move Brandon Knight to the 2, the Pistons passed on all three of the top point guards in the draft and drafted another 2-guard. That felt a bit odd.

I do like Caldwell-Pope. He can shoot, has a high basketball IQ and has a lot of potential defensively. While he doesn't fit a need, I think the Pistons felt he was the best player available and they would solve the point guard conundrum some other way.

At No. 37, they walked away with one of the most physical talented players in the draft. Mitchell was a disappointment this year at North Texas, but his athleticism, length and rebounding suggest that in the right role, such as coming off the bench behind Greg Monroe, he could be fantastic.

As for Siva, his niche in the NBA will likely be limited to disrupting opponents. He has quick hands and feet, is a jet up and down the floor and plays with passion. He just is offensively challenged.

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