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Sources: Maurice Cheeks strong frontrunner to become Detroit Pistons head coach

After three interviews, Maurice Cheeks has emerged as the frontrunner to land the Detroit Pistons' head-coaching job, according to sources. A deal could get done Thursday night.


Sources are saying that the Detroit Pistons' ownership (Tom Gores) and management (Joe Dumars, and Phil Jackson?) reached a consensus on Maurice Cheeks and that a deal could get done tonight.

So much for that really compelling case against Cheeks and other retreads; it seems like Mo Cheeks will be the guy, edging out Nate McMillan and before Brian Shaw ever reportedly received an interview.

Matt Watson asked the question the other day, "Is hiring a veteran head coach truly safer than rolling the dice on a rookie?" and answered, "Only if a GM is worried about losing his job." Joe Dumars is probably worried about losing his job. Phil Jackson breathing down his neck can't help the nerves, either.

Cheeks has head coaching experience -- eight years of it -- but I don't know if it amounts to a much safer pick. Cheeks led a 50-game winner as head coach just once in his career, 10 years ago, and he hasn't been a head coach since the 2008-2009 season, when he was unceremoniously fired by the team that retired his jersey number. If Cheeks doesn't have more success as a head coach with the Pistons, if he's hired, Dumars' fate will have to be the same.

Now, your thoughts.