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2013 NBA Free Agency: Andre Iguodala to meet with Pistons on Monday

After a lengthy meeting with Josh Smith, Joe Dumars will reportedly meet with Andre Iguodala.


Andre Iguodala has been the complicated topic of much debate here at DBB -- you know, a lot of ins, a lot of outs, and what-have-yous. The Pistons are reportedly serious about Iguodala, though, and will be meeting with him at some point on Monday after their lengthy early-morning rendezvous with Josh Smith:

Dumars also will meet with forward Andre Iguodala on Monday in Los Angeles, but it's doubtful the Pistons have the willingness to outbid Denver to sign him. Denver GM Tim Connelly and coach Brian Shaw plan to meet with Iguodala in Los Angeles on Monday and present him with a contract extension, league sources told Y! Sports.

You may have seen this already in Sean's post early this morning when news first broke that the Pistons were about to make a huge offer to Josh Smith. As Sean said, and I think I agree, Iguodala would be the better signing. If for no other reason than the fact it would give Detroit sports a Miggy, Ziggy, Riggy and Iggy. Hey, that's pretty neat, right?

Iguodala is also expected to meet with the Nuggets (who sources say the Pistons will not be able to match), New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, and Atlanta Hawks, according to Yahoo! Sports.