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Get drunk and surly on Dennis Rodman's Bad Boy Vodka

A whole new way to get drunk and surly while watching the Pistons.

Photo courtesy of Premier Brands, Inc

It has been awhile since we've had a 'reasons to get drunk and surly' post here at DBB, but here's a pretty good one: Dennis Rodman's Bad Boy Vodka.

Rodman is a total weirdo - recently he visited Kim Jong Un, said he deserves a Nobel Peace prize, called LeBron James 'average' and, well, yeah, he's Dennis Rodman - but creating 'Bad Boy Vodka' might be the coolest, most normal thing he's done since rebounding a lot of misses in a Pistons uniform. Man, I love him.

The press release for Rodman's Bad Boy Vodka is below:

SAN DIEGO, July 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Premier Brands, Inc.
("Premier Brands") (OTCBB:BRND), a company in the business of creating,
acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods and new product
development, today announced that the Company has developed Bad Boy
Vodka, a Dennis Rodman branded vodka, for AB Partners LLC under the
Company's beverage development and incubation services.

[...] The Company developed the product from inception, utilizing basketball

Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman's "bad boy" reputation, adding a smooth and
edgy twist to a classic spirit. Bad Boy Vodka will be exclusively sold
and distributed through Premier Brands' distribution channels, starting
in California on July 27th.

"I'm excited to launch Bad Boy Vodka and work with Dennis and Jorge to
create a high quality, fun lifestyle brand," commented Andreas
Johansson of AB Partners LLC.

"Bad Boy Vodka characterizes a tough and edgy, yet smooth and classic
taste; a perfect representation of whom and what I am all about,"
stated Dennis Rodman.

"The taste is incredible, the bottle is a work of art, and the brand is
already recognizable. We have already had interest from brokers and
accounts," commented Jorge Olson, President and CEO of Premier Brands.

About Premier Brands Inc.

Premier Brands is a goods incubator in the business of creating,
acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods, primarily beverages
and nutritional supplements, and selling them into supermarkets,
pharmacies and convenience stores. The company's vision is to support
social entrepreneurship with new product development, consulting and
mentoring. Premier Brands also owns the ZizZazz line of nutraceuticals.

For more information, please visit:

After this, I think he should reinvent The Worm's Tequila.

Now, your drunken Bad Boy thoughts.