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2013 NBA Free Agency: Pistons sign Chauncey Billups

Welcome home, Mr. Big Shot. We've never stopped cheering for you, and now we'll get to cheer you through the end of your brilliant career.


Joe Dumars just made my day. It is not April 1st.

I'm stunned, in the best way possible. I don't know how much Billups has left in the tank. I don't know if he can play 82 games of consistent minutes. I know that in 22 games last season, he was productive for the Los Angeles Clippers. I'm sure that Joe Dumars signed Chauncey Billups for basketball reasons. His job may be on the line, and he can't afford to be sentimental. I don't blame him. I'd be operating in much the same way.

But I don't care.

As a fan of Detroit Pistons basketball, I am elated. I literally almost shed a tear. My stomach is in nervous knots. I have goosebumps as I'm typing this.

Chauncey Billups is coming home. To retire in front of the fans who've embraced him. To the team who (arguably) gave up on him. I'm not sure I could have swallowed that pride.

But he did, and I. Am. Excite.

Remember when Chauncey returned to the Palace for the first time while playing for Denver? Yeah, that was awesome. I'm buying tickets to the home opener today.