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NBA summer league schedule: Monday in Las Vegas open thread

The amount of excess in Las Vegas is, well, excessive. Excess lights, excess heat, excess drinking, excess trips to the ATM ... and for at least 11 days in July, excess bad basketball.

Don't drive on the strip unless you like brake lights
Don't drive on the strip unless you like brake lights

I don't want to sound like a basketball snob, and let's be clear, bad basketball is better than no basketball. But with seven games a day featuring just a handful of lottery picks and dozens of undrafted free agents, overseas journeymen (side note: I stood next to former Piston Deron Washington yesterday) and siblings of NBA players who won't come close to a regular-season NBA game (hi, Charles Boozer!), the games can get a little sloppy. Case in point:

That said, the action on the court is only half the fun of summer league -- the rest is meeting and reuniting with the rest of the basketball media, not to mention the folks who actually make the decisions and roster moves that we all write about. But I digress.

These are the games we'll be watching today -- all times ET:

The four games that start on the hour are televised on NBA TV, while the three starting on the half hour will be tape delayed on NBA TV. As for streaming, you have two options:'s subscription thing will get you everything live, while ESPN 3 will get you the three games on the half-hour live. For more on standout players to watch in each game, let's turn to the .com mothership.

Who's the most interesting team? Which players are you most curious about? Let me know in the comments and I'll check them out and report back. Without the Pistons in town, I'm basically floating between the two courts, mostly paying attention to prospects the Pistons were once connected to.