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NBA Rumors 2013: Metta World Peace wanted to sign with Pistons in 2009

Can you imagine the artist formerly known as Ron Artest wearing a Pistons uniform? Yeah, neither could Joe Dumars.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Metta World Peace officially agreed to a two-year contract with the Knicks, returning to his hometown team after being amnestied by the Lakers and clearing waivers. There was never much doubt where he'd end up -- well, unless you believe he was serious about considering China -- but did you realize once upon a time he wanted to come to Detroit?

From ESPN's Dave McMenamin on Sulia:

"One of the only reasons I’m in L.A. is because of my agent,' World Peace said. "He didn’t call Greece. I was so mad at him about that.

"My first choice was Detroit. We called Joe Dumars and Joe Dumars said, ‘We can’t have it.’ I wanted to play in Detroit so bad … I wanted to do a lot of charity things … It was a bigger picture. If we did something like that (to get past the Malice at the Palace), people around the world would be like, ‘Wow.’

"So, I wanted to play in Detroit and Joe Dumars was like, ‘I don’t think it’s a good time for you to come to Detroit.’

"So, then my next option was Greece and then I was trying to play overseas, and then the Lakers called. Then I was like, ‘Cool, let’s do this. Let’s go to L.A.’ That’s how I became a Laker."

I just ... yeah. I can't imagine that ever happening. World Peace is a funny guy, and he's done wonders to rehab his image league-wide since charging into the stands swinging haymakers (at the wrong fans), but that would have been a PR nightmare.

It's a funny story now, though.