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NBA trade rumors 2013: Pistons, Bucks talking Brandon Jennings sign-and-trade?

Surprise! The Pistons are mentioned in yet another trade rumor for a point guard. Is this a case of "where's there's smoke, there's fire?" Or just a smokescreen to drive up a disgruntled player's value?


Update: Joe Dumars denies ever talking about Brandon Jennings.

After (allegedly) trying to convince the Celtics to part with Rajon Rondo, Joe Dumars has (maybe) set his sights on orchestrating a sign-and-trade for Brandon Jennings. Or not. It depends who you ask, really.

Let's turn to the tweets:

Two thoughts:

1) What are "whispers," exactly? It kind of sounds like second-hand info in need of a giant grain of salt. If there was concrete info here, I'm guessing it'd warrant an actual article and not an offhand tweet.

2) That said ... Woelfel is in Las Vegas, while Goodwill isn't. That's not to say that his info is any better, just that he's likely hearing more things from more people. That can be a good thing, sometimes, but it can also tilt the signal-to-noise ratio in the wrong direction, too.

3) Regardless whether the Pistons are talking to the Bucks, should they be talking? Eh, I'm not sure.

Without spending too much time trying to imagine what it'd take to get this deal done, let's assume it'd involve Brandon Knight. Neither player is terribly efficient scoring, but Jennings is a much better playmaker. But is he enough of an upgrade to justify giving up a player two years younger still on a rookie scale contract?

I don't see it. But I don't see a lot of things that Joe Dumars does, for better or worse.

Now your thoughts.