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Andre Drummond is awesome: Changes number to zero, Chauncey Billups No. 1 once again

We can all officially wipe Allen Iverson from our collective memories as Chauncey Billups once again dons the No. 1 in Detroit.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry to anyone who recently purchased an Andre Drummond jersey as true to his word, Drummond is giving up his No. 1 so that it can once again be worn by Chauncey Billups.

When Drummond made the announcement that he wanted to give up his jersey number there was skepticism that it was even possible. There was an assumption a number change would take more than a full season to be approved as the NBA has certain restrictions based on the sales of athletic apparel.

Either there was a waver granted, Drummond has wanted to change his number regardless of Billups for quite awhile or the Pistons have been secretly interested in re-signing Billups for a long time because the move became "online official" via an announcement of Drummond's on Twitter account and via Billups during his introductory press conference.

This will hopefully finally erase the stain of the ill-fated trade of Billups for Allen Iverson in 2008, when days after one of the most popular players in Pistons history was sent away in a surprise trade his replacement took his number for himself. It just didn't look right. In fact, it looked so very, very wrong.

It seemed wrong to Billups, too:

"I will admit, that shocked me," he said. "It's kind of surreal when you first get traded. But when I saw that No. 1 on TV with a different name, that's when I said, ‘It's official.' "

But it's over now. Billups is back to end his career with the team that embraced him, Iverson is gone doing ... whatever it is he's doing, and franchise big man Drummond just keeps giving us more reasons to love him.

The season can't get here fast enough.

H/T to stevenyc and freywagg who had it first in comments.