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Rasheed Wallace in town visiting Pistons

Sheed is in town visiting the Pistons players. Is an official announcement that he's joining the coaching ranks coming next?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors circulated on draft night that Rasheed Wallace has been in talks with the Pistons about joining Maurice Cheeks' staff. The only guy in the NBA who could get a technical foul for simply staring at a referee rejoining the Pistons? Sheeeeeeeeed, that'd be awesome.

According to Vincent Goodwill, Sheed is in town on Tuesday:

"Nothing official yet" reads to me a whole lot like "something official will be announced soon." But that's pure speculation and hope on my part.

Obviously I think Sheed would be an excellent addition to the staff. The Boourns put it perfectly in the comments, though:

"... as an assistant coach, there isn't anywhere near the amount of pressure to perform as there was when Sheed was playing. The one thing that Sheed always showed was a great understanding of the game at both ends of the floor and a charisma with teammates that is truly rare in the NBA.

If he can bring nothing more than that chrisma and positivity and his knowledge of the game to this young team, I think it will work very well for the Pistons. I also fully expect him to be in the middle of the circle for the home opener doing his Roscoe Dance."

V. responded with an oldie but a goodie ESPN article filled with praise for Sheed as a future coach:

How would Wallace be as a coach? Dumars has since gone so far as to suggest to the big man that he stay with the team and grab a whistle after he retires.

Coach Sheed. Give it a minute before you think your world has been turned upside down.

"He is bright and insightful," says Dumars. "He'll lead the league in techs, but he also knows where everyone is supposed to be at all times." Says coach Flip Saunders: "He has all the makings of a great coach. He sees things before they happen." Bill Guthridge, who was an assistant at North Carolina when Wallace came through, sees it too. "He absorbed everything. He'd be listening even if what was said wasn't directed at him. He had great savvy-almost a point guard savvy." Even an opposing coach, Stan Van Gundy, agrees. "He's extremely smart, ahead of every play. He doesn't miss helps or rotations. He knows when it's time to shoot and time to pass. I've never understood why he isn't a perennial All-Star." [...]

Probably pretty good, and possibly even better than he is as a player. Wallace is hyperaware to everything that goes on around him. It's a talent that would pay big dividends for a coach, but it can sometimes work against a player whose primary mission is the execution of a limited bundle of tasks night after night. Saunders, for one, says Wallace is "too smart for his own good."

Not hiring him would be felonious, man.

UPDATE: Matt Dery says Sheed's been in town since last week. Goodwill says he was in town, left, and then came back. Either way, it's good to hear Sheed's been around and may stick around.